Personal Training in South-West London

Home, office and outdoor training


Personal Training

  • Fat loss and weight management
  • Muscular toning and definition
  • Core stability strength training
  • Aerobic/cardiovascular conditioning
  • Flexibility and mobility training
  • Speed and agility training

We use a wide range of safe, effective and challenging exercise disciplines.

After careful assessment we create a personalised programme that will help you reach your goals as quickly as possible.

Training is available one-to-one, in pairs (buddy training), or for groups of 3 or more people.

Injury rehabilitation

Whether you’ve suffered an injury from an accident or a sports-related activity, we can help you regain full fitness and mobility.

Ante & post-natal exercise

Pregnancy inevitably takes its toll on both fitness and weight. We are qualified to help you cope with these effects both before and after giving birth. We are experienced in recovery from both natural and c-section births.

Nutritional counseling

Exercise must be complemented by a balanced diet. If you are at all concerned, we can help identify problem areas in your eating habits and plan accordingly to improve them.

Sport/event-specific training

If you are trying to improve your fitness for a particular sport, or you have an event coming up that requires you to be in peak physical form (for example a marathon), we can create a programme specially tailored to that end.